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《CODE2040》Patch Note 1.025

◆ New events 1.    Season 1 has begun! ▪Earn free rewards as you reach higher levels. ▪Earn exclusive rewards at every level if you purchase the Game Pass. ▪You could purchase the Game Pass anytime during the season to unlock all rewards up to your current level. Game Pass Rewards: ▪900 RD Coins & 1100 Indulgence ▪3 exclusive bundles ▪6 exclusive weapon skins ▪Exclusive tattoo & hair & face style ▪Exclusive leaderboard rewards 2.    50% daily challenge bonus event now activated.  3.    2021 Lunar new year skin is now available in the SHOP. 4.    Mimela Splendens, Gold weapon skins are now available in the SHOP. ◆ General Update 1.    Now you can browse the CUSTOMIZE, CAREER, REWARD, and SHOP pages while matching. ◆ Gameplay Changes 1.    Waiting zone countdown reduced from 99 secs to 80 secs. 2.    Initial NRSS Neckband life time extended from 8 mins to 10 mins. 3.    NRSS Neckband will now indicate red alert state under 2.5 mins remaining. 4.    NRSS Neckband will now indicate emergency alert under 45 seconds remaining. 5.    Spawn point distribution adjustments. 6.    Higher supplies of equipment and firearms in spawning area.   7.    Slightly increased the looting range. ◆Other Changes 1.    12 vs 12 team deathmatch mode extended to Feb 17th 07:00 GMT+8. 2.    Adjusted limited-time sales icon in the SHOP. 3.    Achievement icons fixes. 4.    Partial text adjustments. ◆ Fixes 1.    Fixed the problem of unlocking the cumulative login achievement. 2.    Fixed the calculation problem of ranking the top 10 players. 3.    Fixed the displaying issue of V-neck long sleeves shirts and Hair style 3 – brown in wardrobe.  4.    Fixed career stats issue of "Event 1-2042 Operation Storm”. Future adjustment direction: ▪ Practice training zone (also available while in queue). ▪ Moderately increasing TTK (Time to Kill). ▪ Decreasing the durability of Phantom Armor Tactical Helmet (Lv. 4). ▪ Enhancing the special damage and firing effects of Avalon Samurai Edge, making it an effective measure against Phantom Armor Tactical Helmet (Lv. 4). Thank you for your continued support of CODE2040


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