Last modified: November 06,2019

Terms of Use Agreement

  • In order to protect your rights and interests, before registering as a member of WANIN INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Wanin”, “we”, “us”, or “our company”) and using the services, please read these terms and conditions in these Terms of Service Agreement (the ”Agreement”) carefully. Please be reminded that by checking “I agree” box, you have understood and agreed to register as a member of our company, and have signified to accept that using all of the member service under following terms and conditions.
  • I. Contact Us
  • II. Provisions of laws and membership rules and regulations
    1. Once you completed the membership registration of our company by providing your information, you may use the services provided by our company. Upon accepting or using any services provided by us, it shall be deemed that you accepted these terms and conditions in this Agreement, and legally bound to the applicable laws and regulations of Taiwan (R.O.C) and the place of your domicile.
    2. If you are a minor who has limited capacity to make juridical acts (who is over seven years of age but younger than twenty years of age), this Agreement shall be approved by your guardian. If you are a person who has no capacity to make juridical acts (a minor under 7 of age), shall be represented by your guardian for making or receiving this Agreement on behalf of you. If you are the minor user as mentioned above, please make sure that your guardian has already read, understood and agreed all the terms and conditions of this Agreement before using or continuing using our services, and same as any modification of this Agreement thereafter.
    3. In the event of you are the foregoing minor user who purchase the game point without obtained the consent of your guardian, and your guardian claims for the refund, your guardian may follow the procedure announced on our official website to apply for a refund and submitted related documents. After confirmed the details of foregoing transaction details, we would refund the money of unused portions
  • III. Definitions
    1. Game website: The website provided by our company for you to access or login the game and/or services.
    2. Deposits: The amount of funds or remaining that you paid in advance. After you prepaid the amount of funds, you may redeem for game point and use foregoing gaming points to use the services.
    3. Online game: The game program and the services provided by our company to be accessed via any devices by you through the Internet.
    4. Plug-ins: Any program which is not provided by our company or may influence our online game programs, operation of the game service programs and packet transmission, which including but not limited to: Quick Macro, Auto clicker, Automatic Level Up, Applications for viewing graphics or Auxiliary Applications. Such program may exclude that the online game programs and/ or service programs provided by our company, the operating system program, auxiliary operating system program and other related program set out in your computer, and any necessary program for the Internet connection.
    5. Game manager: the personnel responsible for arranging and maintaining any performance and fairness of the game and providing solutions for any operational questions and/or inquiries, and providing other related services for members.
    6. Gaming record: A electromagnetic records which being written down by server and regarding any activities of you when our company providing game services.
    7. Termination of the Agreement: It means that our company permanently prohibits you to continue using the membership service our company, and it shall deem to be that this Agreement is unconditionally terminated by and between you and our company.
    8. Essential cost of Wanin: the cost which including but not limited to: service fees, distributing service fees, administration fees, postage fees, draft or other fees.
    9. Game Management regulations: It means that any terms, conditions, rules and/or regulations, which especially specified the approach of the gaming and membership and established by our company. Such game management regulations shall be deemed to a portion of this Agreement.
    10. Gaming Package: Any software, which including primary and secondary applications, being able to operate online game independently and performing all programming functions of the services.
    11. Bug: The performance, operation mode, or outcomes of the game which is not foreseen and planned initially by our company when designing the game program.
    12. Trial membership: In the case of your membership is registered in an simple way without providing the completed personal information (such as: full name, ID number, contact number, address etc.,), you may not be authorized to enjoy some portions of the services and physical rewards, which is pertaining to full membership members only.
    13. Third-party membership: A membership which connected from third-party platform with our game website, and may not be authorized to enjoy some portion of the services and physical rewards, which is pertaining to full membership members only.
  • IV. Content of the Agreement
    The following contents are considered as parts of this Agreement and have the same effects as of this Agreement.
    1. Any advertisement or promotional information with regard to the service of our company.
    2. Rate table and game management regulations.
    In the event of any conflict between aforementioned terms and conditions, interpretations should in principle be favorable to you.
  • V. Providing personal information
    1. Any personal information provided for applying for membership registration shall be completed, truly and identical with your personal ID card. Any errors or changes about your persona information shall be corrected promptly.
    2. If you failed to provide true and updated your personal information, we may temperately deactivate the related service, which including but not limited to accessing the game activity and reviewing the gaming records until such information has been updated or corrected. In the event that you provide false information and/or false impersonation, and infringe other’s rights and/or interests, you shall solely bear the corresponding liability for damage and responsibility.
    3. A trial membership which may not be initially required to fill in the completed information could upgrade to enjoy all the rights of the full membership by completed the personal information. In the case of uncompleted personal information, A trial member shall be solely liable for the related damage arising therefrom.
  • VI. Rescind and Termination
    1. You may rescind this Agreement by giving notice to us in writing within 7 days after beginning the services, and may not need to provide any explanation or be required any charges.
    2. In the aforementioned situation, you may request us to refund the fee of remaining unused game point.
  • VII. Charging standards, modification and notifications
    1. The charging standards for the game service shall be governed by the announcement of the game official website.
    2. The game point, products and the other services (such as: virtual money, goods, advanced items) which you may purchase with extra charge in our services(such as: merchandise, online-store), our company would announce the payment details and information of the goods on each gaming official web page, login page or the purchasing page of the game.
    3. In the event of the rate of the charging standard is modified, our company would give an announcement prior the 30days of the effective date on the gaming official web page, each game’s login page or on the game starting page. In the case of you has provided the contact information when registering the membership, we will give you such notice individually.
    4. In the event of the rate of charging standard modified, it shall be charged starting on the effective date; however, if the new rate is higher than the previous rate and such game point or fees has prepaid previously before such modification, such prepaid game point or deposits may be charged under previous rate.
  • VIII. Mandatory information of our services
    Our company shall specify the following information on office website, game login page or the cover of the game package:
    1. Pursuant to the applicable laws and/or regulations of software rating management, the labels of the rating of gaming software shall clearly indicate the rating of this game and the age group which is been restricted and/or the permitted to use.
    2. Minimum hardware requirement of the services.
    3. In the case of providing safe devices, shall provide the Information with regard to security device and complimentary or payment information.
    4. In the case of providing merchandise with extra charge by chances or activities, we shall mention the description of the activities, awards and indicate the notice in regarding “This merchandise and the awards is won by chance, any customer shall not be guaranteed to acquire any specific item thereto.”
  • IX. Account and Password
    1. The account and password registered by you shall only provide to you accessing the game personally, and you shall responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account number and password. In the event of any harm or disputes, disclosure or lending to a third party to gain access to the Account arising therefrom, you shall take solely responsibility.
    2. Party B can change the password viathe system that Party A provided. And Party A shall not askforParty B’s passwordinitiatively. Party A shall keep the information of the account and its record within thirty (30) days from the agreement is terminated.
    3. Foregoing password could be changed or modified by the system that we provided. PLEASE NOTE, OUR PERSONNEL (INCLUDING THE PERSONNEL OF CUSTOMER SERVICES AND GAME MANAGEMENT) WOULD DEFINITELY NOT ASKING OR REQUEST ANY PROVIDING OF YOUR PASSWORD. We may keep the information of the account and corresponding record within thirty (30) days from the termination date of this Agreement.
    4. If the Agreement is terminated for reasons not imputable to you, you may keep using his/her account and its record once registering for continuing use.
    5. In the event that you have not applied for continuing use the foregoing period which indicated in Section 9.2, we may delete the account and its record, unless otherwise provided by law.
    6. You are not permitted to download or use any illegal software while using the services provided by us. If any damage happened for the reason imputable to you, you shall be liable for all the damages resulted therefrom.
  • X. Notification and solution of being hacked or any illegal activity of account or password
    1. Either party, if found or suspected any unauthorized use or damages of the account of any account or password, shall immediately notify the other party and verify by our company. After verified by our company, we may suspension of any unauthorized using of third-party to game services immediately, and changing the number of your account or password for you.
    2. We may notify such third party immediately to explain since restricted the account for the unauthorized using of game service. If there is no explanation from the third party after 7 days of such notification, we may restore all the improperly transferred electromagnetic records to you and remove the restriction of your account. If such records could not be restored, both parties may make other arrangement of compensation. But if we have already provided safety device (such as anti-theft card or telephone security lock, etc.) but you are faulted to use, we shall not be liable for the compensation or damages therefrom.
    3. In the case that such third party disagrees with the foregoing process of our company, you may seek legal remedy in accordance with the procedures of reporting criminal case.
    4. During the period which our company restricts the right of accessing of you, we would not charge you or any thirdparty any payments or fees.
    5. You shall be liable for any untruthful or false report and the corresponding damage and claims by our company or any third-party, and solely bear the responsibility which resulted therefrom.
  • XI. Period for keeping the gaming history, inquiry and fees.
    1. We would keep your personal gaming history for 30 days for inquiry after you enjoyed our services.
    2. You may request such inquiry regarding your personal gaming history in writing, through applying on our website, or going to service center in person. You may be required to show your ID or other personal identity information for verification, and bear the cost of inquiry fees for 200 NTD.
    3. Upon receiving the inquiry from you, we will provide your personal gaming history in accordance with X-1, in forms of storage medium such as CDs or disks or in writing or through email in 7 days.
  • XII. Protection of the personal information
    The protection of personal information is based on the privacy policy of our company and the applicable laws and regulations.
  • XIII. Electromagnetic records
    1. All electromagnetic records pertain to our company, and we shall maintain the integrity of the electromagnetic records related to you based on the provision of this Agreement.
    2. Party B has the dominating right for the aforementioned electromagnetic records.
  • XIII. Connection quality
    1. In the case of a prescheduled system maintenance is required by our company, and we may temperately suspend our services, a notice would be given 7 days in advance by our company to you via official game website, login page or purchasing page.
    2. If you are unable to connect and use the services by reason of the forgoing circumstances to which our company is imputed, we shall immediately correct and/or repair, and shall return the points that have been deducted or the charges will be waived or provided other reasonable compensation.
  • XIV. Responsibility
    1. Our company shall provide and maintain this service and the related system devices in compliance with the current technology or to keep up the security at a level expected by professionals in this field.
    2. In the case where the system or electromagnetic records are damaged, or any abnormal system operation is detected, we may take any appropriate measure as quickly as possible.
    3. We may indemnify you for any loss or damage incurred arising out of any breach of the obligations as described in Section XIV-1, XIV-2 to the extent based on the degree of the damages. But if we could prove that no negligence is in our act, it may reduce or release the burden of responsibility on us.
    4. In the event of the situation as described on Section XIV-2, we may not charge you any fees before the system is repaired and function properly.
    5. If you have a dispute with any third party by the reason of sharing the account or mandating others purchase game points on behalf of you, we may have no responsibility to assist you.
  • XV. Rules and regulations of the game
    1. In order to maintain the online game order, we may enact reasonable and fair game management regulations, you shall comply with any game rules and/or regulations which announced by our company.
    2. Any amendment of the game rules and/or regulations shall be in accordance with the procedure of Section XVIII.
    3. Any terms or conditions of game management regulations is deemed to void in any of the following occurrence:
      1. Any conflict of this Agreement and such game management regulations.
      2. AnyAny abridging or restricting the right of contract on you, and such abridging or restricting shall not include any circumstance of Section XVI in this Agreement.
  • XVI. Procedures to deal with user violating game rules and regulation
    1. Except otherwise specified in this Agreement, when adequate facts have been received with regard to any violation of the game rules and regulations or any service Agreement, we may give a notice on game official website, login and purchasing page of the game, and notify you immediately via the contact information you provided.
    2. If you violate the game rule in first time, we may notify you to correct within specified period. If you fail to improve after receiving our notification with specified period, we may restrict your right of accessing the game service in accordance with the game rules and regulations. If you violate the game rules and regulations repeatedly, we may restrict your right of accessing the game services in accordance in the game rules and regulations.
    3. Such restriction of accessing the game to you by us pursuant to related game rules and regulations, may not be longer than 7 days.
  • XVII. Claiming right
    1. In the case that you are dissatisfied with the service quality, including but not limited to the connection quality, management of the games, fees calculation or other services which provided by us, or any dissatisfied regarding the procedures of the related to game management, you shall lodge a complaint in writing or by email against such acts within 7 days upon receipted of the notice. Upon receiving the complaint from you, we would reply properly within 15 days.
    2. Please check the 24-hour contact information of our customer service as follows:
    3. If your compliant is in accordance with any third party using plug-ins or other clam about the fairness of the game content, we may handle pursuant to Section XVII-1.
  • XVIII. Changes to the Agreement
    1. We reserve the right to modify this Agreement, and in the event of any modified of this Agreement, we may provide notify you through the notice on the game official website, login and purchasing page, and through contact information which provided you.
    2. The changes will be null and void if we failed to give notice in accordance with the Section XVIII-1.
    3. Within 15 days of receipt of the notice of Section XVIII-1:
      1. If no objections are provided by you regarding the changes and you continue to use this service, it is regarded as that you have agreed and accepted the changes to the Agreement made by us.
      2. If you object the changes, it shall be process as the termination of this Agreement.
  • XIX. Termination of the Agreement and refunds
    1. You may request we for termination of this Agreement at any time.
    2. If you have not continued using the game service for more than one year, we may notify that you shall log within 15 days, if you still not log in the account or fail to do so, we may terminate this agreement.
    3. We may terminate this Agreement immediately after notifying you in writing or through email if any of the following occurs on you:
      1. Utilizing any system or tools to intentionally cause malicious attack to our game official website or this service program.
      2. Using this service with plug-in, virus coding, or bugs of this service program or any other means that violate fair and reasonable principle.
      3. Buying game points or in-game merchandise by impersonation, fraud or other criminal behavior.
      4. Violating the game rules and/or regulations with the same reason for more than 3 times, and still not improve after our notification.
      5. Any activities that violate the laws or illegal acts uncovered by judiciary organization.
    4. If we terminate this Agreement according to the wrong fact or can’t prove, we may be liable for the damage to you.
    5. When this Agreement is terminated, we may calculate the refund amount by deducting the essential cost and return the remaining unused points or gaming fees excluding the gift points to you in forms of cash, credit card deposits, draft, or payment check sent via registered mail within 30 days after you requesting a refund.
  • XX. Stoppage of operation and services
    1. If we plan to suspend or terminate the operation of any online game permanently, we shall give a notice on the game official website, login and purchasing page 30 days prior to the date for suspension or termination, and notify you through contact information provided by you initially.
    2. If we fail to announce and notify according to Section XX-1, we shall refund the fee of remaining game point without deducting any necessary cost. Besides, we may provide you with other reasonable compensation.
  • XXI. Intellectual Property
    1. The copyright, patent right, trademarks, trade secrets, or other intellectual property rights, ownership rights or other rights shall reserve to us or the proprietor thereof. Unless otherwise authorized by we or the proprietor thereof, you shall not in an attempt to reproduce, send, modify, edit or in any ways use the aforementioned properties of the gaming service of us, and shall be liable for all the actions taken and indemnify for all the damages.
    2. You agree the contents (including but not limited to video, audios, texts, pictures etc., hereinafter referred to as “creations”) submitted to our gaming website means giving the right to our company for distributing, publishing, publicly sending and displaying, modifying or using the contents in any ways. You promise that the creation pertains to your proprietary right without infringing other people’s copyright, trademark or violating any other intellectual property laws. If the creation is found to cause infringement of a third party, you shall be liable and indemnify for all the damages.
  • XXIII. Governed law and jurisdiction
    1. This Agreement, the game rules and regulations, and the game management regulations of each online game and any matters related to right and liability of our company and you, as a result of you using this service provided by us, shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Taiwan.
    2. In the case of a dispute arising out of or in relation to this Agreement where litigation is required, both parties agree that the Taipei District Court of Taiwan shall be the court of in the first instance. Forgoing clause shall not exclude the application of the article 47 of the Consumer Protection Law and the article 28.2 and 436-9 of the Civil Procedure Law of Taiwan.

Privacy Policy

Specifically applied to the applications developed and managed by Wanin InternationalCo., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as our company).The privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as our policy) set forth by our company is meant to help you understand how we collect, process and utilize your personal information through the application of our company based on the Personal Information Protection Act. Please read and agree the terms and conditions set forth in our policy of our company before using the applications developed and managed by our company. Our policy is also a part of the user’s terms and conditions. When you agree the user’s terms and conditions, you agree with our policy.

Please be reminded that if you are under the age of 18, the legal guardian shall make the decision to agree our policy and user’s terms and conditions.

I. Scope

Our policy shall be applied to the gathering, processing and use of your personal information when you use our applications and website developed and managed by our company but shall not be applied to the third-party website or web pages connected through the applications developed and managed by our company.

II. Purpose of data collection and classification

When you use our applications developed and managed by our company, we may collect the data from the following categories.

1. Personal information
When you use our applications developed and managed by our company, we may collect certain data, including but not limited to your country, residing region, language setting, nickname, customer feedback, and etc.
2. Information related to mobile device and internet connection
Our company may obtain your information with regard to mobile device and Internet activity, such as product model number, operation system, web server, setting of the mobile device, IP address, and other identifiable information specifically in connection with the mobile device.
3. Information related to your usage and activities with other players
When you use the applications developed and managed by our company or have interaction with other players in the applications developed and managed by our company, our company may collect the contents of your game profile, any information you have provided and the gaming history and any records related to your use of the game (including but not limited to surveys and browsing information), including but not limited to your characters in the game, gaming history, purchase records, rewards, interactions with other players, errors reports and etc.
4. Information related to your purchase information
When you purchase our paid gaming services through the applications developed and managed by our company, our company may collect the purchasing information related to purchase date, quantity, item name as well as payment information such as credit card number, account number and verification information.
5. Information related to third party service
When you connect the applications developed and managed by our company with a third-party service, our company may collect the information related to the account of the third-party service, such as login verification, personal profile and friend relationship.

III. Retention and use of your personal information

1. Time period to use your personal information
Unless otherwise permitted or required by the laws, your personal information will be used only for the time period starting from providing our service with the applications developed and managed by our company until the service is ended or a request of service suspension is received.
2. Territory
Your personal information may be used in Taiwan or the countries of other associated enterprises.
3. Scope
Unless otherwise specified by the laws, your personal information will be used to the extent specified in this policy. Our company will not provide your personal information to a third party, except the following conditions:
(1) when we have received your consent;
(2) certain information required to be disclosed by the laws;
(3) related enterprise who shared with the same personal information;
(4) Personal information that you have disclosed to other players through the applications developed and managed by our company, such as player’s nickname, character name, playing history.
4. Ways of using the information
(1) To provide services related to the applications developed and managed by our company.
Our company may use your personal information to provide, maintain and improve the service of the applications developed and managed by our company, and prevent or assist investigation of illegal activities, or acts in breach of the provisions of this Agreement.
(2) Procedures for handling customer’s feedbacks
Upon request for resolving any issues related to the use of the applications developed and managed by our company, our company may use your personal information to solve such issues
(3) Establish and provide statistical database
For the purpose of statistical analysis, our company may anonymously provide your personal information that has been de-identified. Our company may use the information to improve the service, operation and promotional activity and advance the quality and usability of the service. Your information may be also sued by our company for providing references for developing future products and services.

IV. Ways to exercise your right

1. With regard to your personal information, you may exercise your right in writing for the following activities.
(1) Inquire and request for review
(2) Request for a copy
(3) Request for supplements and amendments
(4) Request for stop collecting, processing or using your personal information
(5) Request for deleting the information

2. Limitation of the right
If your request fails to be in compliance with the procedures for applications or otherwise stipulated by law, the aforementioned right will be limited.
3. Fees
Or company will charge a fee for your request for review or obtain a copy of your information.
4. Method to exercise the right
To exercise the first rule of this term, one shall fill out the application form with the provable identification document. If someone else is authorized on behalf of the Principal, Letter of Authorization and the identification documents for both the Principal and the agent shall be provided.

V. Effect on your right if you do not provide your personal information or what you provided is not in full.

If you do not provide true and full personal information, you may not be able to use the applications developed and managed by our company. Therefore, it is recommended that you provide full, true and updated personal information at all times.

VI. Security of your personal information

Our company uses appropriate security technology for protecting your personal information in accordance with the applied laws in order to prevent identity thief, tampering, damaging, destroying or disclosing your data.

VII. Changes to the privacy policy

Our company may change our policy at any time, which will be notified in the notice of the applications developed and managed by our company. Please check the most updated information about the changes to our policy from time to time. The changes to our policy shall take effect on the date it is notified and if you continue to use the applications developed and managed by our company, this means you have read, understood and agreed to accept the changes we made to our policy.

VIII. Opinions and recommendations

If you have any questions with regard to our policy or any matters related to personal information, please feel free to email the customer service of our company.

Rules and Regulations of Game Management

In order to protect the player’s rights of using the online games developed and managed by Wanin Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”, please carefully read the following rules and regulations of our game management.

I. General Provision

1. Our company has the right to stipulate, add or delete and change the provisions of this regulation. All changes or update will be notified in the game application. Please check for the latest update from time to time. The changes to the provision herein shall take effect on the date it is notified and if the player continues to use our games, this means the player has read, understood and agreed to accept the changes we made herein. Please stop using our game if you do not agree with the changes of the provision herein.
2. Player shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account ID and password and shall not transfer to or share with another. Our company will not liable for any disputes arising out as a result of inappropriate management of the account by the player, such as account being hacked. The player shall be solely responsible for such matters.
3. To respect the autonomy of player, in principle, our company will not be involved with disputes of players, players shall proceed the game through mutual respect and resolve the disputes by themselves. In breach of the provisions of herein, it will be handled in accordance the provision herein and the member’s Agreement of Wanin Inc.

II. Banned words

1. Inappropriate title, character name (such as indecorous, sexual, or offensive languages) will be banned. Our company shall have the right to review for the character name.
2. Inappropriate conversation in the game or other public channel of our company, including but not limited to indecent, sexual harassment, sexual discrimination, defamation, false content, threatening, provocative, humiliating, offensive, infringement of the right of other people’s intellectual property right, disclosing the personal information of others, advertising information, banned trade, selling goods (including but not limited to virtual coins, props, or other virtual goods used in the games) will be banned. If personal messages are deemed to have major violating events, once reported or found, the player shall be responsible for such matters which shall be handled in accordance with the provision herein.
3. Spamming or making inappropriate and repetitive statements in the game or other public channels (including but not limited to spam messages with English, numerals or symbols) that prohibit other players’ right from watching the channel.
4. Spreading false rumors or rumors that have not been verified. The player shall be liable for any damages to our company due to spreading false rumors.
5. Publically or privately broadcasting the information related to plugins or bugs of our games will be banned.

III. Inappropriate acts

1. Trading, selling or buying virtual coins, props, goods of the games or accounts will be banned. Players shall be responsible for the consequences of the aforementioned trading, selling or buying, transferring or any other commercial activities with another player
2. Any illegal ways to obtain virtual coins, props, other goods of the games or other player’s account will be banned.
3. Modifying our games or the programs related to our games, including but not limited to copying the game’s content, modifying or cracking the gamer’s server, programs and the website will be banned.
4. Use of programs or plugins that are not provided by our company, as well as any in appropriate ways to collaborate with other player resulting in any damages of our games will be banned.
5. Inappropriate ways to earn money, reproduce the outfits, gain experiences or any acts that will increase the burden of the server or cause server hangs will be banned.
6. Maliciously lodging complaint against other players, including but not limited to untrue reports and complaints.
7. Counterfeiting acts on behalf of our company, staffs of our company or game manager will be banned. Also, it is banned to use name that is similar to the staffs or can cause confusion as the staffs of our company.
8. Maliciously affect the operation of the game manager or service center, including but not limited to sending messages repetitively, and inappropriate and senseless content or language.
9. Any acts that violate Taiwan laws.

IV. System security and program bugs

1. When bugs or any other problems are found by the player in the game application, one shall notify the staff of our company as soon as possible.
2. Our company has the right to restore or trace back to its previous state related to ability, experience, character information, goods or any other abnormal conditions that are created due to bugs of the game applications of our company.

V. Regulation regarding to game manager

1. Game manager or other staff members of our company shall not be involved in the gaming behavior of any players or asked for any player’s account or personal information.
2. In some particular situations (such as activities announced on the game website) where the game manager may require to verify player’s personal information, please refer to the notice of the game website for the information related to such situation.
3. If disputes occur between players, please resolve the disputes with mutual respect. Game manager and the staffs or our company will not be involved to resolve disputes between players.

XI. Privacy right

1. The protection of personal information will be handled in accordance with the privacy protection policy of our company and related laws.
2. As stipulated by the personal information protection law, if a player cannot prove to be the legal holder of the account, one cannot claim any right for that account and also shall have no right to demand suspension, deactivation or any other similar acts to that particular account.
3. As stipulated by the personal information protection law, in order to protect the personal information of the player, our company will not provide any gaming history to the player unless requested through legal

XII. Penalty

1. If player violates the regulation herein for the first time, our company has the right to suspend the usage right of the player for 3 days, for the second times violation, our company has the right to suspend the usage right of the player for 7 days. If the player violates the regulation for the third times, our company will terminate the Agreement with the player (i.e., Wanin Inc. user membership Agreement). However, for event that serious violates against the regulation, our company may directly terminate the Agreement, disregarding the number of times of violation.
2. Player may notify our company if there are any questions and objection with regard to the suspension.
3. In addition to the aforementioned actions stipulated herein in the event of player violating the rules, our company also has the right to take legal actions if necessary.

VIII. Others

1. If any provision of this regulation becomes invalid as a result of violating the laws, the remaining provisions shall not be affected and shall be still valid and enforceable.
2. If there is any outstanding issue in this regulation, please also refer to Wanin Inc. user membership Agreement, Wanin Inc. Privacy Policy and any applied Taiwan laws.
3. In case of any dispute arising from this regulation, player agrees that this shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Taiwan and Taipei District Court of Taiwan shall be the court in the first instance.